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Almond, Sledge Hammer

With her long, curly hair dyed blond, this voluptuous black stripper is a real God damn cutie! She's got a nice fat ass and some perfect, heavy tits, all wrapped up in some extremely sexy lingerie. The bra and panties soon hit the floor as stud Sledge Hammer runs his hands all over her body, pinching her nipples and slapping her on the ass. Then he lies back, his thick black penis pointing to the ceiling as the slutty whore goes down on him, smiling into his face as she suckles on his cock head. The highlight of the fucking has to be the doggystyle as the stripper lies down, grunting loudly as her pussy gets stretched out.

Untitled Me :) Deepthroat tears, sloppy gagging, and smeared mascara. Like happy tears but better. DeepthroatSlime

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